Get Your Music Heard By Over 1.5 Million Monthly Listeners

Get Your Music Heard By Over 1.5 Million Monthly Listeners 🎶

Hey music maestros,

Are you ready to take your music to a massive audience and get heard by over 1.5 million listeners every month? Look no further! We're Sonair Radio, the leading in-store/retail radio provider across the UK.

While we specialize in creating a welcoming and dynamic atmosphere for retail businesses through our in-store radio stations, we also want to extend an incredible opportunity to musicians like you. We believe that great music deserves to be shared, and that's why we invite you to submit your tunes to be played across our extensive network of in-store radio stations.

The best part? It's totally free! We want to support artists like you and provide a platform for your music to reach new heights.

We receive a high volume of submissions, and while we can't guarantee individual responses to everyone, we promise to listen to each submission with genuine excitement.

Please do not submit more than one track every 30 days. Pick the best track you have in order to make your submission count!

For a smooth process, ensure your songs are radio-friendly and ready to rock the airwaves. You must have the full licensing rights to your music. No uncleared samples etc. Keep it clean, no explicit content or unfinished demos, please! We want your music to shine in all its glory.

If your music gets the green light from our team, we'll be sure to reach out to you personally. Imagine the excitement of knowing your music is captivating listeners in stores all over the UK!

So, don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to get your music out there. Submit your tunes now and let's set the stage for your musical journey!