A digital signage solution that just works!

At Sonair, we realise that your time is valuable. Spending time copying media onto USB sticks and ensuring every site within your organisation is using the right version of your media is ridiculously time consuming. Even if you've put processes in place, things will get missed and everything will slow down. We developed Sonair TV to alleviate these issues.

Sonair TV is a powerful digital signage solution that does all the heavy lifting for you. From a cloud based administration panel, you can upload your digital media (be it videos, images or even websites) and instantly and effortlessly roll out these materials to all sites within your organisation, allowing you to see your changes in real time.

The Sonair TV platform gives you full centralised control over all of your signage displays. Out of the box, you have access to our powerful media scheduling platform which allows you granular control over all displays within your organisation. Group screens together by location, type, region, or however you want. The possbilities are endless.

As a cloud based solution, you have access to the platform on the move. As long as you have an internet connection you have full remote control over your entire system. Sonair TV is super flexible too! You don't need to purchase new screens, just use your existing displays with the Sonair Dongle to turn them into super powerful digital signage, instantly!

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